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Institute for American Indian Arts

TCU Team Member Kelly Allen

DOI / VISTA: TCU Team Member Kelly Allen
Supervisor: Charlene Carr
Address: Center for Lifelong Education, 83 Avan Nu Po Rd, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
County: Santa Fe
Voice Telephone: 505-428-5950
Web site:
Congressional District: 3
Bureau: Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)


The mission of the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) is “to empower creativity and leadership in Native Arts and cultures through higher education, life-long learning, and outreach.” Their vision is to be the premier educational institution for Native peoples and Native arts and cultures. As such, they dedicate themselves, their curriculum, their facilities, and their energies to preparing their students for success and leadership, which reflects Native cultures and values. They accomplish this through culturally-based programs that fulfill the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of their students. Through innovative teaching, critical inquiry, and intergenerational learning, they offer the highest quality educational programs designed to instruct and inspire. As a 1994 land-grant institution, they provide training and outreach that promotes tribal sovereignty and self-determination.

About the Surrounding Community

The 22 Indian Pueblos and Tribes served by IAIA represent about 10.2% of the state’s population of 2,085,287 for 2013 or 212,699. A majority of the tribal members in the region have incomes that result in subsistence living. 31.5% live below the poverty level as compared to the overall USA poverty level percentage of 14.9%.  Each of the 19 Pueblo Indian tribes and the 3 Athabascan tribes are federally-recognized tribes that exercise their respective sovereignty within the context of the federal government’s trust responsibility to them

Project Overview

DOI/VISTA-TCU Team Member Kelly Allen is working on the development of a needs assessment. She is aiding in the coordination and administration of the assessment across the 22 Indian Pueblos and Tribes served by IAIA. Kelly is also working on the final analysis of data gathered to establish the development of new programming.

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