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War in the Pacific National Historical Park

Kina-Doreen Guzman Lewis

DOI / VISTA: Kina-Doreen Guzman Lewis
Supervisor: Jaclyn Zapanta Balajadia
Address: 135 Murray Blvd. Suite 100, Hagåtña, Guam 96910
County: N/A
Voice Telephone: 671-333-4051
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Congressional District: GUAL
Bureau: National Park Service (NPS)


The mission of War in the Pacific National Historical Park is to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific Theater of World War II and to conserve and interpret outstanding natural, scenic, and historic values and objects on the Island of Guam for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

War in the Pacific NHP has gradually recovered from the loss of its museum, offices and shoreside facilities destroyed by Supertyphoon Pongsona in 2002. The T. Stell Newman Visitor’s Center has been leased for long term and in 2012 brand new permanent exhibits were opened there. These exhibits are highly interactive and feature the latest technology, gripping personal stories, museum artifacts, and multiple language support.

The Interpretation Division is increasing its interpretive tours and outreach programs to schools, and it is active in local and national events such as Memorial Day, National Park Week, Earth Month and National Public Lands Day. The Cultural Resources Division is managing its museum as the only Federally approved depository for historic artifacts on Guam. It is maintaining and conserving unique cultural resources including historic monuments, military equipment and structures. The Natural Resources Division is actively conducting studies to document coral health, especially in respect to climate change impacts, so that the Park can establish best management practices to protect the reefs, which make up over half of the Park’s area.. As participants in a nation-wide coral reef monitoring program, the park is dedicated to long-term monitoring of Guam's coral reefs, and is committed to completing comprehensive inventories and assessments of the park's highly diverse flora and fauna. Pacific Historic Parks serves as War in the Pacific National Historical Park’s cooperating association.  Pacific Historic Parks is a non-profit organization that has taken the lead in establishing, developing, and p

About the Surrounding Community

Guam has a low high school graduation rate and low proficiency in science. According to a 2013 report by Dr. Annette David of the Guam Department of Health and Human Services, Guam’s poverty level, with reference to households that live on $14,999 and less a year, is above the United States’ average of 14%. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states the unemployment rate is slightly lower in Guam, but the median household income is about $13,000 less than the U.S. median household income, and per capita income is half of that in the United States. Taken altogether, the socio-economic status of Guam residents is considerably worse than people living in the United States. This has significant adverse implications for health status. The low economic status of many of Guam’s residents is reflected in high use of the free and reduced lunch program and historically low graduation rates. According to statistics from the Guam Department of Education for the 2012-2013 school year, 47% of all Guam public school students receive free and reduced lunch and the 68% high school graduation rate falls well below the national average. Furthermore, results from standardized testing in 2013 reveal that 70% of 11th graders and 64% of 12th graders scored below basic proficiency in science.

Project Overview

DOI/VISTA Kina-Doreen is addressing low graduation rates for high school students by creating a service learning program focusing on science and environmental issues at War in the Pacific National Historical Park. This project helps alleviate poverty through experiential learning opportunities focused on climate change issues in the park and by encouraging youth to graduate high school and build a career.  In order to enhance organizational capacity of the park, the Kina-Doreen is helping to create a “Friends of War in the Pacific National Historical Park” group.

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