DOI / VISTA Team Projects

Grand Teton National Park

Supervisor: Joy
Address: P.O. Box 170, Moose, Wyoming 83012
County: Teton County
Voice Telephone: 307-739-3656
Web site:
Congressional District: At-Large
Bureau: National Park Service (NPS)


Grand Teton National Park (GRTE), established in 1929, preserves unimpaired natural and cultural resources and values for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. The Education and Outreach branch of the park builds cradle to college experiences that inspire youth to become learners, leaders, and stewards of Grand Teton and the outdoors. Since 2011, GRTE launched a national diversity initiative, the NPS Academy, local Latino outreach program Pura Vida, and the award winning distance learning broadcast SnowDesk  among other effective and long standing education programs.

About the Surrounding Community

According to the US Census Bureau, Latinos account for only 7% of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) workforce nationwide. This demographic group is underrepresented in natural resources careers in private sectors, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. A recent "Report to the President on Hispanic Employment in the Federal Government" found that 8.2% of the federal civilian workforce is Hispanic and only 3.1 % of 2012 new top hires in general resources management & biological sciences are Hispanic. This project works to address these issues by providing career-development experiences for diverse youth that lead them to career opportunities with the National Park Service or other conservation organizations. In addition to these nationwide needs, there is a rapidly growing population of Latinos in the local community near Grand Teton National Park. This minority population makes up nearly 30% of the nearby community but, in general, rarely visits the park and is not likely to consider the National Park Service (NPS) or other conservation organizations for career opportunities. This project provides employment opportunities for impoverished/diverse youth communities nationwide and at the local level, while also increasing relevance among diverse communities for these agencies and organizations.

Project Overview

The DOI/VISTA Chad Burton is building a sequence of alumni opportunities that will develop youth in the Latino community as stewards, ambassadors, and future employees in conservation fields. This project engages diverse, underserved, and low-income youth who have been involved in various programs in Grand Teton National Park and partner organizations.

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