DOI / VISTA Team Projects

Outward Bound Adventures

DOI / VISTA: Rachel Nanini
Supervisor: Charles Thomas
Address: Villa Park Community Center,363 Villa St. Rm 129, Pasadena, California 91101
County: Los Angeles
Voice Telephone: 626-818-1564
Web site: No website available
Congressional District: 27
Bureau: National Park Service (NPS)


The mission of the NPS Pacific West Office of Youth Programs is to enhance and increase the number of youth that are engaged in our Pacific West National Parks with a specific emphasis on underserved minority and disadvantaged groups. Youth Programs are designed to connect youth and young adults with their natural and cultural resources. The goal of the Office of Youth Programs is to provide employment and educational opportunities to a broad constituency of youth that reflect the face of all America.

About the Surrounding Community

In numerous internal studies and strategic plans, the NPS, as well as most Federal land management agencies, has recognized two serious barriers that marginalize urban youth of color and often dissuade them from moving towards a career in land management and conservation: the lack of formal knowledge about the agencies and lack of access to experience their public lands are two contributing factors. To address these issues the National Park Service Western Regional Office is working on the National Parks Education Program, (NPEP) a pilot program dedicated to educating and employing underserved students within the National Park Service. Low-income, inner-city youth and Native Americans suffer from high unemployment, lack of job skills/experience, and knowledge of opportunities. Careers with Land Management Agencies are rarely known or considered by this demographic. 

Project Overview

DOI/VISTA Orlando Valerino, assists in expanding community partnerships, by engaging community-based organizations and schools to engage minority youth in the service area of Pacific West National Parks who are underserved and who have historically been absent from careers in conservation and land management fields. The program will be a 14 week in-school and onsite curriculum that will consist of ten modules conducted over a time period tailored to the calendar of the school being served. Each cohort has 10 young individuals who will go through a comprehensive education curriculum, which will teach them about work ethics, self-mastery, camping /wilderness skills, natural and cultural history, stewardship principles, and an in-depth orientation about the National Park System as well as learning components involving local parks, regional parks, and National Forests.

Sponsors and Partners

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